Friday, 4 April 2008


SOUNDCITIES DATABASE: An online open source database of city sounds from around the world, that can be listened to, used in performances on laptops, or played on mobiles via wireless networks. Initially all sounds by Stanza you can now contribute your own found sounds. This is was the first online open source found sound database. First version 2003. New sounds added 12.12.06. Enter to listen or add your own sounds.

URBAN MUSIC: AUDACITY: The sounds of the street as a generative audio cacaphony. Multiple streaming players from city to city off the database.

SOUNDCITIES CD: AS MP3 Online download release: I tried to rework all the found sounds into finished compositions.

SOUNDMAPS. The first Version mixing desks made in 2000.

SONICITY: A generative audio mixer that morphs the sounds as you listen. 2000

XML Access: Code you own interface. Get in touch if interested.

EMERGENT WORLD : This online visual artwork updates images from cctv and webcams around the world in real time with sounds from around the world being randomly played from the database via XML stream.